Exercise, hate it, love it… make excuses about it! Don’t even get me started about eating well!

Actually, I eat healthier than most. Being allergic to wheat, potatoes and corn (once processed, which is in pretty much anything packaged) creates a diet that is rich in fruits, veggies and protein. I’ve learned over the years that, really, anything with too many carbohydrates makes me feel yucky and puts flab on my body within seconds of imbibing!

My summer mission of making up for lost time with our kids, parents and friends takes me away from my home for about 3 months at which time I become a visiting maniac. There are two challenges with that mission.

  1. Getting in exercise is hard but I do manage some… soooo not enough!
  2. Friends, knowing my allergies, make me special rice dishes which I LOVE but without the exercise promotes the return of my buffalo butt

I’ve decided to do this challenge that my friend Rhonda suggested.


If you think you can’t do this… check out someone who defied the word can’t and showed the world that no obstacle is too grand! Read her story here.

One of my favorite sayings is “Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels” which is so true and why I follow healthy eating habits! However; the truth around exercising for me… this card says it best!

nice butt

Day 1 of the challenge  (30 squats) done… no problem! I’ll report in as the month goes on! Hope I don’t have to cry “Help me Rhonda” too often!!

Day 2; as I checked email this morning my right leg ‘pulsed’, no pain, it was just as if my leg was reminding me to get to today’s challenge (50 squats) . Rhonda sent a video on the correct form, that helped a lot! Check it out here. I must have done it correctly as my whole body was quivering after! As the night went on i found it hard to sit… I decided this was good news, my body is letting me know I’m firming up! I bought a tape measure and my hubby will measure me tomorrow so I can track inches rather than just weight!

BTW: I’m a firm believer on what I tell myself manifests itself in my body… based on what I wrote yesterday I obviously let that slip. Today, one of my fave bloggers and the author of books I adore reminded me via her blog, how powerful our words are. Read about that here.

Inspire someone today



For a very special vacation…




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