Creating a plan for success.

Years ago, before I met the love of my life, I was so weary of dating! After an unremarkable date I said to myself “I’d rather be single forever than ever go out on a date like THAT again”! A few days after that uneventful date I went to a fundraiser where I was all fancy. I like getting dressed up sometimes but I was sad I didn’t have an escort; someone willing to get fancy with me, to share in an exceptional evening, to dance with, to end the evening sharing the highlights of our days with. I got home and once in bed, noticing my notepad, I picked it up and scribbled…

If I had a man in my life today…

He would get dressed up and accompany me to events.

The next night I saw the notepad and after a day of hiking, I added:

If I had a man in my life today…

He would get dressed up and accompany me to events.

He would throw on jeans and go on a hike with me.


This became fun, as the days progressed…


If I had a man in my life today…

He would get dressed up and accompany me to events.

He would throw on jeans and go on a hike with me.

He would love kids.

He would enjoy good food and cooking with me.

He would love my cat.

He would enjoy long walks with me.


Then one day when I had a fabulous day alone I took a deep breath, got into the feeling and added:


He would embrace my independence and enjoy his own.


Sadly over the years I lost the list but I share the concept with most folks I know who are on the hunt for a mate. So many people make a list for their perfect other; to me making such ‘a list’ was abhorrent! If I even considered such a thing it might have gone something like this:


My list to get a man, he must be:






Do you realize the difference? When I happened upon my concept what became so was that everyday I became clear about what was missing in my life THAT DAY.  Then if and when a man might become part of my life I’d know what I was looking for and how said man would enhance it! After about a month I typed it up. I read it every night before I went to sleep, adjusted it now and then and one day shared it with my gal pals who had pressured me to make a list.

“You’ll never get a man who is all that!” they exclaimed! I told them I’d compromise later.

Well, about three months later I met that man, NO compromises! That was Augist 21, 1993 and every day I know I’m blessed… all these years later we are still together, happier than ever!!

Since then… my hubby and I beam up everything we want in life from homes, to one of our kitties and living in paradise serving others and so much more. YOU can create what you want too. The formula is easy:


Am I enjoying what I’m doing now?

Recently I was feeling a little unfulfilled and I though what if… getting clear on what I wanted, day by day, with a man worked, why not try it with my life in general. I found it worked a little differently so my process is.

  1. What was great about my day today?
    1. If I have something jot that down.
    2. If I can’t think of anything go to question #2.
  2. What wasn’t perfect/didn’t I prefer about today?
    1. Answer that.
    2. What would turn that negative into a positive?
    3. Jot that down.
  • Keep this up until the list makes me happy.
  • Type it up.
  • Review it every night before going to sleep, fine-tuning as necessary.
  • Read and review and see in my minds eye life the way I want it… until I get it.

My latest is personal to me but as I live in Mexico this is my question.

How can I make living in paradise even better?

What is your question and how can you create the life of your dreams?

Purpose of life

Inspire someone today



For a very special vacation…





2 thoughts on “Creating my life… a plan for success.

  1. Hi there! It’s Stefanie from the Ketogenic Living page! Let’s try this again!

    The night before you made your comment, I was hanging out with my best friend. I told her that I’ve been worried sick that I wouldn’t meet my soulmate this year.

    “Yeah, but it’s only May!”

    It’s only May, I thought. The year is almost half over.

    The reason why I was so worried about meeting him–specifically this year–is that back in December, I was hanging out at a crystal shop that my friends and I go to. I was whining that I hadn’t met anyone–sadly typical of me. The lady working there called me over to her.

    “Describe your perfect man on a piece of paper,” she said. “Don’t use any negative language. All positive. Send it out to the Universe and see what happens.”

    So New Year’s Eve, my friends and I got together and did exactly that. I scribbled down my list of traits that would describe my soulmate. New Year’s Eve 2017, I sent it out.

    December has come and gone. Now we’re in the middle of May.

    No sign of him still. Not to my knowledge anyway.

    I truly believe whatever kind of relationship you want from God/Universe, you get. I wanted one in which God/Universe will continually talk to me and be active in my life. For the past years, I’ve gotten that–and it’s gotten to the point where I’m getting some sort of message every single day. The only thing I haven’t heard too much about is the one thing I’ve been worrying about.

    That night was a definite cry for help. Demanding a response. Wanting to know if it’s going to happen at all, much less anytime soon.

    Now I know what it must have been like to be those Hebrews wandering the desert. So many miracles yet they demanded proof. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on them anymore.

    When I woke up the next morning and saw your comment about your adorable morning with your husband, it didn’t exactly occur to me that anything out of the ordinary was going on. When you told me to “beam him up”, I just thought it was a Star Trek reference.

    When I opened this blog, my mind went to warp speed.

    I’ve laid in bed so many times thinking about how I want a man laying next to me who likes to snuggle. I’ve gone to many an event like that, wanting to dress up and having a man in awe of me. I’ve come home from work wishing there were someone (other than my parents) wanting to know how my day went. So many moments pass, imagining the man who’d fill the space by my side.

    It never occurred to me to write down THOSE moments.

    And maybe that’s what the Universe needs from me. The Universe wants me to write a love note. Not a grocery list.

    You didn’t show up in my feed by accident. You are a direct response from God/Universe. So God bless you and your husband forever ❤

    • That is lovely and I BELIEVE you shall ‘beam him up’. Be clear, positive and get yourself prepared for the most magical life! Blessings and lots of magical moments and much LOVE forever more!

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