Forever inspired by people taking on the world, I had to share a story of people doing just that. What seems to be is that when one takes on the world with their passion, big things happen OR they make them happen!! Live your dream I was honored to meet Tracey Jackson at my mentor, Blake Snyder’s, memorial service 5 years ago. I instantly liked her as she shared stories of her very best friend since… forever, Blake. She was tender, sincere and funny. In this most terrible time, losing a buddy beyond too soon, she managed to make us all take a look at our own lives and in turn consider making a difference as Blake most certainly did. He changed peoples lives because he was living his passion and sharing it with others. Tracey and I became email pals, I followed her blog and then when she decided to travel the country meeting people who she connected with on her blog, she and I spent the day together. At the time she was promoting her book, Between a rock and a hot place about menopause and more. We chatted and shared stories as we dropped books around Seattle at various bookstores. We lunched. We had less in common than we didn’t but what we had in common was big and we shared about that. Tracey interviewed me on turning 50, you can watch that here What inspired me to write today is my excitement for my new friend as she is interviewed by Oprah! Yes THE Oprah! Read about it here. Watch it here! TRACEY JACKSON AND PAUL WILLIAMS This excites me as I truly believe we create our dreams! We do so through our words, our thoughts and our deeds, I believe if we want something badly enough we can get it. I’m inspired by Tracey, a high integrity gal, wife and mother who recreated herself from screenwriter to creator of a documentary (Lucky ducks) to writing about Menopause and now writing her latest book, Gratitude and Trust, with music legend, Paul Williams… indeed, she did create her life and you can too! You can read Paul Williams version of visiting Oprah here. Another article on Paul’s journey, here. “Faith is a firewall to fear!” Tracey Jackson I blogged about Holding the Vision awhile back and I think that’s the key. Get clear on what you desire,                               Take action and.                                             Keep your eye on the prize! Think you can You can do it… if you want to!! The great courageous act that we must all do, is to have the courage to step out of our history and past so that we can live our dreams. –Oprah Winfrey Inspire someone today For a very special vacation… www.VillaAmorDelMar.com, La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico Boutique Hotel, Beachfront Mexico

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