Creating a vision is the beginning of all successful endeavors, I believe. Whether looking for a job, a mate or planning one’s future… a map, a plan, a blueprint of sorts is required. In my last blog I mentioned the design process, today I thought I’d discuss the process I follow in design ~ and in my life, actually ~ which always begins with a feeling, a desire that leads to the end result. 


My experience proves that, often, people don’t know what they want but they sure know what they don’t want.  I don’t ask them to figure it out, instead I get to the feeling they desire when the renovation is complete… their answers reveal a desire to entertain or to let kids run free or for solitude or for easy maintenance or for intimacy or, or, or.


Most people know the feeling of the end result they want whether it be for their life, their vacation or for their renovation.


Renovating is busy making! If an end result is desired, and of course it is, a vision is paramount to meeting that goal. Time, energy and finances can be swallowed up so fast and a vision, a blueprint, keeps everything on focus and moving forward.


For us, creating an Inn when one has never done so adds all kinds of challenges… and so much JOY! Chris and I are jazzed. We love working together and are getting more and more excited… to create a respite for folks to get away from the everyday. We hope everyone’s everyday is GRAND and we know that a change is as good as a rest and rest is DIVINE!


Our vision for our guests;


Rest, Relax and Rejuvenate.


Romance is the key, our Inn is all about the love… we’re eager to assist with that!


It’s our intention that each and every guest is Re-inspired, enthusiastic about creating their dreams.


“Nothing is as contagious as enthusiasm.” Edward Bulwer Lytton

Between dreaming and designing, scheming and sketching, Chris and I chat non~stop about creating a fabulous vacation for our guests. We are eternally grateful for our vacation about 7 years ago, in this very area, that allowed us not only to relax but introduced us to this life of Mexicana meets Americana/Canadiense. What that means to me is a place where I know I can be understood when needed and where I totally embrace the culture, language, scents and tastes… oh my, the food of Mexico, YUM! 


Something I never appreciated before living here, is how good the food is. I’ve even been known to say “I don’t like Mexican food”. Folks, it’s so much more than nachos… they call those gringo nacho’s here and when they do serve them for tourists they’re not as good as what we make back home ~ go figure! As one who appreciates good food and LOVES to cook I’m embracing the fish market just down the beach, purchasing what was caught fresh and using local ingredients to prepare ‘my own kind of Mexican’ delights. Free range chicken is abundant, too. My hubby and our guests seem to like what I create, mmm, mmm good! 


I adore Mexico especially the people and the traditions. I grapple with the language and am definitely making headway in that direction, albeit slowly. Chris is mastering the language ~ I joke, where Chris had a 2-3 year plan to become fluent, I’m on the 5 – 7 year plan, we’re both on track.


No Inn pics today, 30 years as an interior designer ~ I know, I know, I’m too young to say that ~  has taught me that most can’t visualize and the Inn is in mucho destruction mode. Actually, there’s a lot of construction going on but still much is being removed and reconstructed and that simply looks bad in photos. I’ve let you peek soon, I promise, ‘cause you ask, I’ll share photos as I reveal the finished spaces. Please forgive my protectiveness, I just don’t want to turn people away!


There’s alot of this going on these days:


Our desire is to help weary travelers create a memorable vacation.  


Peace out baby!


I will share what we’re intending for those who stay at Casa Amor del Mar. 

Yes, that name is new, trying it on… we learned that there already is a Villa Amor in a neighboring community and we just don’t want the confusion. If you have other name ideas we’d love to hear them. We’ve thought about Villa Romantica, sweet or too much? Simply, Amor del Mar?


So far, what we know for sure is;


~ We’ll have comfy beds and luxurious linens.

~ Each room will have a slightly different theme and design due to feedback I got right here on my blog and from chatting with many people.

~ The environment will be the opposite of all inclusive, my hubby says ‘all exclusive’. This term is certainly not meant to exclude anyone, simply that each guest will be able to choose their experience.



  • We’ll share with you the many dining options in the area and assist you to get to the destination of your choice.


OR if you want something unique, we’ll assist with that too:

  • Romantic dinner on your own private deck OR;
  • Private rooftop dining OR;
  • Private dining by the pool in a cabana or on the beach.


We’d love to ‘break bread’ with our guests:

  • Dinner al fresco, pool side, sharing tales with the other guests, over good food, music and laughter.


Lounging poolside

  • Peaceful intimate, kid free, ppolside experience shared with few others.
  • Imagine enjoying your favorite novel, sipping a cool beverage and looking up to see sailboats, windsurfers, kite boarders and more zipping about on the ocean right in front of you!


Private Decks

  • Every guest room has it’s own private deck to enjoy quiet time.


Massages/pedicures… pampering.


  • By the pool
  • In your room
  • At the local Spa


~ La Cruz is a music (and dining) mecca;, we’ll provide each guest with the weeks events – what’s happening where, times, how to get there, etc. From Spanish Flamenco to Jazz to Rock & Roll and every sound in between, there’s something for everyone. There are also many options of dance including taking Salsa lessons at a local bar or we can bring someone in to teach our guests.


~ We’ll encourage guests to let us know their ‘personal comforts’ and then do our best to have those for them when they arrive.


~ For those who desire excursions we’ll hook those up too.

  • Day trips could include a day in one of our neighboring towns; Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita, Punta de Mita, Bucerias or others. 
  • Fishing, sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and more.
  • Whale watching is always a highlight and with any luck you’ll see dolphins, turtles and maybe even blue footed boobies!
  • Canopy tours, zip lining, golfing, quad riding, horse back riding for the adventurous.
  • Shopping, art walks and world class dining.
  • Crafts and lessons, from making your own broken tile art piece to creating jewelry or learning Spanish or sailing, there’s much to learn and do.
  • Volunteering; Chris and I love the kids at the orphanage and would welcome anyone who wants to offer assistance there. We have a good friend who helps a wee town in all sorts of ways from sports to education and he too accepts support. Just ask and we can assist.  I have my thinking cap on for the altruistic.

If you’re a hockey lover like my sweetie, that could be possible too! Note to wives, watching your man swing his stick oceanside as the sun sets is so much nicer than in a freezing arena!



We’re focusing on the LOVE;

  • Engagements
  • Weddings
  • Honeymoons
  • Anniversaries
  • Relaxing getaways for all.

No kids! Unless someone books all guest rooms or the entire Casa, no kids allowed.

Well that it’s for today… 

    Except for a question; I asked before but now we’re heading out to buy! 


    KING bed or QUEEN bed?


    Please answer below as when it goes on Facebook it seems to disapear into the abyss, never to be found again!

    To the lovers of the King bed ~ is it a deal breaker if you have a queen? Would you rather have a Queen bed and have 6” more width in the room.


    OR would you rather have a King bed even though the room will be a wee bit cosier?




    Inspire someone today!


    Not feeling it? Be kind, be generous, be LOVE!


    14 thoughts on “Creating the vision.

    1. I can’t wait to see you here, Tracey, and share a vino on the deck! Can’t remember were you a Queen or King gal?

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