I’m inspired to be blessed and thankful for so much!


I’m thankful for my parents for bringing me into this world and for loving me beyond words.


I’m thankful for my brothers and sister who shared my growing up years filling my days with lots of love and laughter.



I’m thankful for Grandparents and Aunties and Uncles and Cousins and Nieces and Nephews for making me feel special.


I’m thankful for ALL the teachers in my life who have encouraged me through my journey.


I’m thankful for my step-sisters and my step-brother and my step-mom and their extended families for including me and loving me.








I’m thankful for Chris for loving me more than I ever knew I could be loved.




I’m thankful for Katie and Joe for allowing me to love them and mother them and for loving me in return.




I’m thankful for Manaen who loves Kate.




I’m thankful for Anna who loves Joe!




I’m thankful for my in-laws (who are so much more than that word permits) for the family you have allowed me so fully to participate in.



I’m thankful for my friends who help me feel better when I’m sad and play with me when I’m happy. Looking fpr photos and finding too many to post… I’m most certainly grateful for my friends who bring me more joy than they will ever know!


I’m thankful for the abundance of food I’m forever blessed with to sustain me.


I’m thankful for the talents I’ve been given, they allow me to make money and blessedly I enjoy the work I do and the hobbies I embrace. 


I’m thankful for my bosses and clients and all who have helped me earn a living and all who have worked for me to bring my projects to fruition!


I’m thankful for doctors, nurses and all health care professionals who look after me when I need them.


 I’m thankful for the police, firemen and women, ambulance personal and all who keep us safe in our world.


I’m thankful for athletes and movie stars and musicians and performers who entertain me.


I’m thankful for the gift of travel and all who have and continue to make that possible.


I’m thankful for the earth. I love that I can plant a seed and it will produce abundance in the form of a flower or a vegetable or both. I’m grateful for a place to feel my feet under my body and I adore the gift of walking.





I’m thankful for my health and for my energy!


I’m grateful for my kitty. Koko, who brings me joy.




I am thankful for fireworks and technology.


I’m thankful for everyone who takes the time to read and follow my blog. Thanks very much!


Thank you God for bringing me into this world and surrounding me with all that I love and more.



I know there is more…


Inspire someone today!




Not feeling it? Be Kind, Be Generous, BE LOVE!


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