OR Coral… or pink or….

Not sure if it’s all the jazz about Christmas and subliminally Santa’s red suit has been imprinted on my brain. It could be because my friend, Melanie said “You’re in Mexico girl, your house has to be vibrant”. Possibly unforeseen forces are guiding me. When I first met my house, I looked at it in relation to the neighboring buildings and I said to Chris “Our house looks shy”. 

 What I know for sure is I’m LOVING red for the exterior of our house right now!


Image borrowed from: http://www.treehugger.com/sustainable-product-design/little-houses-in-big-cit…


Image borrowed from: http://www.juvandesign.com/search/red+house+oslo+norway


Image borrowed from: 


Softer coral appeals to me too.


Image borrowed from: http://gypsypurplehome.tumblr.com/


Image borrowed from: 


LOVE this color scheme and adore the story. 


Carriage house (c.1880), 151 Willow Street, Brooklyn Heights, New York

One of Arthur Miller’s four Brooklyn residences — lived here in the 50s until he left to marry Marilyn Monroe • said to be a tunnel that ran from No. 159 to a stable that formerly occupied this property — a glass skylight is embedded in the pavement near No. 157 • building was a location for Sidney Lumet’s film, The Verdict starring Paul Newman • Brooklyn Heights Historic District, National Register of Historic Places #66000524, 1966


Image borrowed from: http://www.houzz.com







I could mix it up?



Image borrowed from: http://dornob.com/cool-colors-10-crazy-painted-houses-home-painting-jobs/?ref…


Image borrowed from: 


Image borrowed from: 


So, I look down and realize I’m wearing red. Pausing, I wonder if, metaphysically speaking, there is something to that.

I pick up my drink ~ it’s a red – EEK. What’s with red and me today?

I Googled the meaning of red and this is what I found:


Put some red in your life when you want: 

  • increased enthusiasm and interest
  • more energy
  • action and confidence to go after your dreams
  • protection from fears and anxieties

We most certainly want our guests to have all that and MORE!

Put some pink in your life when you want:

  • calm feelings
  • to neutralize disorder
  • relaxation
  • acceptance, contentment

Well, heck, we want all that too! Pink and red together, I don’t think so!

Above color notes from http://crystal-cure.com/red.html


Some Red ~ Key ~ Words: 

Excitement, energy, heat, love, determination, strength, power, confidence, action, passion, sex, impulse, desire, daring, fire, vigorous, enthusiasm, energetic, honest, devotion, protection, responsible, assertive, adventure, spontaneous, health, good fortune, all things intense and passionate.

Key words from http://www.beading-design-jewelry.com/meaning-of-red.html


As I obsess about color, I promise it will be lovely ~ gulp, truly it will.

Ask anyone who’s worked for me or been around me when I have to pull the trigger and finalize my own decisions ~ not with clients, just on my own projects. Honestly, with clients, I do a thorough needs analysis and then I’m clear.

Not sure why it’s so different for my own choices?  I suppose it’s because I present them options and the client makes the final decision? My ego is probably involved, too. I can’t commit until the contractor says I must. In this case the contractor is my hubby and he’s in on the process, so that helps.

Inspired to make it great! Will keep you posted.


Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!

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