Today and always, I love and adore my husband, Chris. He’s fun and smart and talented and we really ‘do life’ well together. I couldn’t imagine my life with any other. As I start writing, he has no idea I’m writing or what I’m writing ~ truth be told I should be sweeping, anyway, I get an email and open it. Subject line.


Guess what?


In the crazy world of construction, especially in Mexico, it could be anything. I’m curious… I open it. It says:


I love you


I swear, I love him more… it’s a constant debate between us.


Sometimes, someone else says it so wonderfully that I have to share! Our daughter, Kate, has a wonderful blog that I LOVE check it out.






Not to be missed, I LOVE our son, Joe and his girlfriend, Anna. Missing them terribly over Christmas (and always) I shipped the kids all sorts of gifts and they came way late ~ shucks ~ but A&J email me and say they want to skype to open them so we can be virtually together. Awwwww, makin’ me misty!!! Well, we’ve not had consistent internet so soon, very soon!


Onto ‘stuff’.


 I LOVE this lamp.



My hubby and I are looking for something that we can use beside the bed as reading lamps. This would be perfect. BUT at $2695.00 ~ sadly not pesos, I have to keep looking!


Tile has been on my mind for months as we transform ten bathrooms. I need affordable and beautiful and I must be creative. Up until the past week, it’s been all about the Inn. As the Inn bathrooms get completed, photos soon, I promise. They’ll be posted on my new Blog, Inn & around La Cruz. I’ll remind you but hope you sign up to receive that blog too as it will, mostly, be about people who make a difference in our mexican town. Although all things Inn will be included, like recipes, excursions, whale and other tales.

Marble floors are abundant on our level, Carrara and I adore them. We decided to not change from that but wanted interest in our master bath. Tile details are important to me so I’ve been sketching what I’m after and everything I came up with I felt like I had done it before, either for myself or for clients.  I couldn’t find any pre-made tile patterns or inserts as I find in Canada either. Laying in bed one night, mind on full creative mode, I remember how I LOVE herringbone wood floors in New York. I’ve never been to NYC however I scour magazines and it just seems there are so many lovely wood floors created with the herringbone pattern. SO, I get up and sketch, imagine 12″ x 24″  marble tiles cut into strips and laid in a herringbone pattern? I was tickled with this imagine. Now let’s see what Chris thinks? He loves it yay! We check with the tile setter, he can do it, YAY!

I couldn’t find a photo to replicate my bathroom concept but I did find a hall that looks similar to my intention. Bought the tile, it will start next week… so friggen excited!



From floor tiles to pool tiles. We made a choice (will show you when complete). Think we love it. It starts being applied on Monday. Never, ever, thought about pool construction and design before ~  intimidated ~ it’ll all be good!


My veggie garden got built this week, LOVE it.  It’s standing height so I won’t hurt my back, thanks honey for thinking of this! It will be filled with dirt soon and I’ll plant salad stuff; herbs and tomatoes and lettuce and arugula!


Well, must run, tons to do and my coffee is gone. Happy weekend. I hear it’s snowing where we come from. Cuddle up in front of a fire my friends!


Inspire someone today!



Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE! 


4 thoughts on “Things I’m loving today.

  1. Each of us has something to be thankful for, may it be an object or a person. There is always something or someone we love so much that our world spins every day because of the positive vibes and strength we get from them. For example, one of the things I love in my house is my bathroom. I’ve inlaid it with tiles that have cartoon designs. It reminds me of my childhood years, and whenever I take a bath with my children, I share stories about them. Anyway, continue to spread the love, Cindy.

  2. <html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>Thanks Jacqui!</div><div><br></div><div>I sure do hope you can come see us!! How is your reno going? Hugs and love!</div><div><br></div><div><br><br>Sent from my iPod</div><div><br></div></body></html>

  3. I’m SO happy for you and Chris, Cindy! Your ‘contagious joy’ is truly a blessing and inspiration to us 🙂 I look forward to seeing your Inn someday–I’m sure it’ll be amazing!Love you, cousister! Missing you, Jacqui

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