Sleep has been a wee bit… slight lately. Not due to lack of time on the mattress but because our brains are on overload.

Creativity is in full bloom!

MUCH is getting done everyday!

Mornings are spent planning, before the workers get here.

Days are spent answering questions, building doors, creating and figuring and putting out fires. I counted 19 workers yesterday and then one more walked in to do a check measure. We’re in the countdown and wow, things are indeed looking good!

Evenings are spent shopping and creating and planning and sometimes with friends. Some evenings all of the above!

We live in a warm area and haven’t seen rain for months, blessedly, which definitely helps the spirits.

However; we can get down and forget how blessed we are. This morning after laying awake for a while and after a fitful sleep my thoughts were something like UGH, MUST get up. Then my hubby says “Let’s pray for the workers who are all helping us get this done.”


My mood changed immediately. I bounced… well, maybe spilled, out of bed and am back it.


What’d y’all say? Let’s remember all who make our lives easier or better or safer or ??? today. K?


Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be kind. Be Generous. Be LOVE!

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