Chris and I are about to embark on a journey that could soon have us screaming at each other as Basil and Sybil did. If you don’t know the connection watch the ‘short’ from one of our favorite shows; Fawlty Towers.

This analogy is pertinent presently as we just bought a house, a mansion really, that we’re considering turning into an Inn. This home needs a whole lot of LOVE! This is it from the outside.



This is what we could do with the property… knock it down and create 8-12 condos and sell ’em all!



The interior has been let go and has had a few ‘out there’ design details…



Yup, that’s carpet filling in where a row of tiles… disappeared?





Oh my, the kitchen needs work.


What’s with all the arches?


The master bath is from the 70’s… and yet is only about 15 years old.





The powder room, well?


But it’s the view that caught our interest!




So, now that we’ve spent the majority of our pesos on the property, we’re creating a many phased plan of what to do with the building, the property; our new home.

1. Clean it.

2. Paint and ‘make good’ the interior.

3. Furnish, place art and accessories.

4. Fix the pool.

5. Landscape and make ‘pretty’ the yard. I’m so excited about this, gardening is such a passion of mine and it seems everything grows easily here!

6. Share the property with guests.

  • Initially, we’ll have 4 guest rooms, each with a private bath.
  • We’re considering a beach club so boaters and folks without pools have a place to go.
  • There’s more, so much more we’re thinking of, but poco a poco as they say here;  little by little…

Would love your input. Condos or Boutique hotel? Beach club ~ do you like the idea and if so, what would you pay to hang by the pool for the day or rent a chair on the beach?

Until we’re done I’ll share the unfolding of ideas, projects, etc. I hope you enjoy and are inspired!


Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be kind, be generous be love!

Update; we are now Innkeepers, visit us at http://www.VillaAmorDelMar.com







22 thoughts on “Torres de Fawlty – inspired to share our Project!

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  2. <html><head></head><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">Thanks Bro, we do get your point. So much so, we’re planning it such that if this happens we can sell the inn portion. Thanks for the reminder, you know us so well!<div><br><div><div></div></div></div></body></html>

  3. Super cool, I like the little inn on the ocean idea (Chris would make an excellent Basil) but I worry you two would lose interest before too long so maybe the condo idea is the way to go but keep the pool for sure.

  4. Cindy-Chriswhat a great venture you have chosen-Lauren had great ideas for the boaters & such a nice little place to stop- great location for a little drop in for a cold drink & snack for those long walks along the beach-maybe a nice little coffee stop with Wifi can you imagine with a view like that what a way for you to share tables & chairs around the pool & keeping in touch with home, on their laptops (for a fee) I know I would pay to do it.

  5. WOW! What fabulous location!!! All I see are possibilities! They are endless…..Just let those wonderful creative juices of yours flow! I look forward to seeing each step as the Beauty that is Cindy & Chris unfolds!!!! I’m sure whatever choices you two make will be amazing! Happy Journey! xxSandra

  6. Good bones, LOL, that’s what we keep saying. Thanks for the faith in us, we believe we can do it… that’s our mantra.Smoothies, great idea! Chris and I both got excited with that one! Spa/treatment room is definitely needed around here, we’ve thought about that but haven’t considered the exercise part ~ now considering.Muchas Gracias, mi amiga!

  7. Gracias Lauren!Great thoughts! You nailed it… Chris is already planning a wharf, not with hooks up though as their is a brand new marina a stone’s throw away but a shower we are considering.Let me know when to reserve for you and Dev, gotta bring baby Joe too!YOU inspire me, golf pro ladyMiss you! (((HUGS))) and Muah!

  8. Cindy – what a great undertaking! The place appears to have some decent bones and I bet you’re discovering the wonders of Mexican building (we have a term here – NQR – Not Quite Right) but this, combined with your amazing design talents and Chris’ building expertise it seems such a perfect fit! Hard to comment on the best use not knowing the area but if your building was here I’d recommend a main floor exercise area and massage or treatment room and smoothie bar combined with the pool to create a local BLISSful experience. It is what our area needs but you may not…can’t wait to see the progress!

  9. Wow!!!! What fantastic news, and amazing property! I can picture Devon and Lauren visiting and drinking a bit of tequila in one of your condo suites!! Personally, I love the idea of making a mini condo tower, I think something with 4 levels would be so perfect there, and you would have so much fun decorating each level differently. Also love the boat launch idea. Long dock with places to sit and mingle, electric hookups, a place to shower and people will be back for more and more!! Love and Hugs, you inspire me always 🙂 xoxoxo

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