We closed! As of March 14th, 2011, we are officially the proud owners of a wonderful house that we plan to turn into an Inn and beach club… unless we change our minds!

This wonderful man and his mother facilitated our becoming the benevolent caretakers of a home built only 12 years ago but due to unforeseen circumstances never really was loved the way it should have been.


To thank him, we took Garry out for a lovely dinner to celebrate.


The vista before sunset.


The vista during sunset.


The food;

Sushi appy for me.


Potsticker appy for mi Amigos.


Chris had scallops for his main course.


Garry had filet.


I had lamb… started eating before i remembered to take photo… oops!


Above, I stated… unless we change our minds. That’s because currently my husband and I are in the ‘decision stage’ of our process. Asking others what they’d like to see and what they think is needed in our area. Most certainly we could just move in and make it our own but it is simply too grand for two!

So we’ve invited friends to our new pad over the past couple of weeks to share the ‘before’ as well as to ask their thoughts on what we might do with the place.

‘P’ words prevailed.

“The POSSIBILITIES are endless”


“You’ve bought yourself a PROJECT
And blessedly… “OMG look at the view”

But my favourite – NOT – was;
That my new home looks like something out of the 70’s ~ Miami Vice-ish – a drug lords house, haha. Uh thanks, Connie! I’m inspired to change that concept!

People keep supposing I’m going to go typically Mexican. I don’t think so.

Firstly, the house is more Greek Villa than Mexican.
Second, we like a more modern flavour.

However; I/we love, LOVE the colours we can use in such a bright country and to be able to use gray – where I most definitely wouldn’t in rainy Vancouver excites me. Enough about colour as I’ve already posted on that… on to the details!

“You don’t need to have a home that’s like anybody else’s. Take the ideas that speak to you. Use your imagination. Create something wonderful…”
—  Oprah

I’ve been clicking pics, here and in Europe for years, these are some exterior ideas that are speaking to me;


Unique entrances



Wrought iron window security… plants or no plants?


Pool and deck ideas;





 Or pergola?


Whimsical walls?


Waterfall walls?


Look what I can do with the walkways and around my pool!


Look at this! We plan to have weddings at our Inn, after all it is called Villa Amor! See the hearts for the bride and groom to stand on, awww so sweet!


Imitation is the sincerest of flattery. Charles Caleb Colton

Ok, I don’t think I have anywhere to ‘imitate’ this, but I LOVE it!


Sitting area?


and I just have to have a circular stairwell somewhere??



Inspiration, wahoo!

I’m always inspired by good design especially simple, elegant, affordable design. Over the last few weeks I’ve flipped through more design magazines than ever – from Mexico and Spain. I love the similarities and the differences of design in the 2 country’s.

Today, I’m inspired by exterior design… next time, maybe bedrooms?


I’ve maintained for years that design is about shape, colour, texture and light. I have all of those and more both in the new Villa and in this country.

Wish me luck!

Always appreciate input… what would make your stay in a Mexican inn… inspired?

Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be kind, be generous… be love!

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