Those who know me, know I LOVE children. So when my pal, Corey, brought his wonderful kids to the orphanage with us and they loved and adored the kids… well my night was made. It pleases me that my inaugural guest poster will be Mr. Corey Kudrowich sharing his experience. Bienvenidos Senor!

This is Corey, he’s not freaky, the kids just do this ‘pose’ thing and he got right into it! He’s posing with Josua.


This is his sweet face, hanging with Julian and Carmen.



Hola Gang,

We made it to the  orphanage  yesterday.  We arrived at 6ish to about 20 children.  We cooked supper for the children. This is Kailee and Brendan whipping up the hot dogs.


Jacob had all of the children doing Origami. This is Jacob with Josua, David, Itzel and Jesus.


Cristobal assists Jacob with the kids. 



It was amazing to see how patient Jacob was in teaching and how much the children enjoyed learning.  Jacob couldn’t stop talking about how much he enjoyed going to the orphanage and asked if we could go back.  We are going back on Tuesday. 

Kailee said she didn’t want to leave and kept commenting on how adorable the children were. Carmen LOVED Kailee!



The children were so well behaved, happy and adorable.  All they wanted was some attention and hugs, lots of hugs.  They would literally jump in your arms and give you the most loving hugs ever.  I have never given so many hugs in 3 hrs before.  It was very touching. Kailee, David and me.


 Carmen and Cristobal.


One of the funny parts of the evening was when we all sat down for supper and Brendan wanted to know how to say Hot Dogs in Spanish.  I told him to say Como se dice (how do you say) and point to the hot dog.  So he did and one of the boys, with the straightest face looked at Brendan and said in broken English HOT DOG.  We all erupted in laughter.  Apparently HOT DOG is universal.


The children were so well behaved; they lined up at the door before supper and one by one they washed their hands.  They then proceeded with Grace.  Even though we had drinks and chips laid out well in advance of supper, the children were not allowed to touch anything until Grace was done.

The children loved taking pictures of everything and Kailee lent them her iPhone.  The boys huddled around it for a long time pushing buttons trying to figure things out.  They found the Fat App and thought that was hilarious. Brendan, Julian and Christian.


Itzel teases Brendan.


Serious business… Jesus, Christian and Julian.


Cindy with Jesus and Julian.


Cindy with Jesus and David.


Jesus and Christian enoy potato chips.


Ricardo masters multiplication table homework while teaching Cindy numbers!


Santiago just loves it all!



Certainly a great evening!!   Even though we brought the children supper and entertained them the true gift was received by us.  Seeing the smiles on their faces, the appreciation of our visit and the genuine pure love was amazing. We all left with way more than we came with!!



Gracias, Mi Amigo, I couldn’t say it any better!

Besos Y Abrazos!




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2 thoughts on “Inspired by others who LOVE kids!

  1. <html><head></head><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">Of course, the kids will love it! Let us know when and we’ll hook it up. These days it seems Tue or Thurs is best but they’re flexible.&nbsp;<div><br></div><div>Be prepared for hugs!</div><div><br></div><div>Looking forward to seeing y’all!</div><div><br></div><div>Gracias!</div><div><br><div><div></div></div></div></body></html>

  2. OMG this is wonderful, we are coming with 9 teenagers and maybe we could be blessed and be allowed to bring them and supper ….I know the kids/adults would truly enjoy this. let us know pls.

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