Is that wrong?


This video moved me beyond words.


Our daughter used to question us about every rule we imposed on her. She rarely relented, she wanted to know why we did or said what we did?  My husband often reminded her “We’re rookies at this, it’s the first time we’ve ever raised kids and sometimes we’ll make mistakes, but we’re doing the best that we can based on our life experience”. Kate was very respectful of that. She was very good at listening, stating her point of view and even offering suggestions for how to create a way she could get or do what she wanted. Her mom and I ~ reminder, I’m a step-mom ~ spoke often about never wanting to suppress the kids, it was our goal to raise independent thinkers. With Kate, we hoped we’d raise her up into a powerful woman, given she’s 24, I’m pleased to say we did just that.

Another question she often asked was; “Is that wrong?” I loved the way she phrased that. It allowed us to think about it, explain and consider another point of view. Chris and I both, refusing to be repressed ourselves, valued Kate’s opinion and the kind way she kept us in check. To this day, I repeat that question. It’s especially valuable when being challenged about something I’ve chosen, asking myself, “Is that wrong?”,  rarely puts the other on the defensive AND often it allows them to consider their point of view. We as humans, I submit, are wrong-making machines. I’m not sure if it’s because we are spooked when others do things differently than us or if it’s due to each of us having an idea of how the world should be? My belief is that when we challenge rather than embrace those differences we are suppressing others, halting growth. Oh, I know some differences are certainly bad and you know of the ones I mean.

Finding myself living in an amazing town in Mexico I’m experiencing the gift of acceptance of others like never before. This town seems to have brought together folks of all walks of life; of many nations, foreigners and nationals, young and old and of various means from the very wealthy to those just getting by. Although probably many more, I see three common denominators of those who call La Cruz home.

1) We accept others.

  • Something I don’t recall ever seeing back home, men who get up and boogie alone on the dance floor – and no they’re not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Girls, forever, have felt free to dance together but here, if the spirit moves both men and woman are looked at with adoration when they’re ‘groovin’, alone or with others!
  • No matter how run down the vehicle you drive or if you take the bus everywhere or if you travel in the back of a truck or if your vehicle of choice is a Cadillac or a golf cart; we eat together, dine together, share life stories and laugh together.

  • Age doesn’t matter; at my birthday party the other eve, the youngest was my pal Diego who is 3 and the oldest was the hippest coolest, washboard playing guy, Leon who’s 80.


2) People have an attitude of gratitude and believe it is our duty to give back.

  • A friend was sharing the other day about how the town folk got really ripped off a few years ago by a, then member, of our community. She says his wife told the residents a horrendous story, that based on his history, fit the story. When they learned it was a scam they were miffed for sure but she said “That’s what we do, a neighbour needed help and we helped him, I’d do it again”. My heart was warmed. She also said she’d be more cautious of course but hey, what a generous attitude!
  • There are 4 major fundraiser put on at one bar, another at another bar and many others spring up as the need is expressed. Vision and hearing have been restored to folks; Christmas presents have been given when otherwise the children would have nothing. Blankets have been given to those in the colder, mountain areas. The arts community have been given fortification to do… what they do best. The orphanage children have been amply supported. I could go on and on.

Organizing Christmas gifts for Santa to hand out.


  • Feeling far from family and friends on my birthday, a ‘new’ friend, the proprietor of a local bar (and my adoring hubby) threw a party for me and the town came out ~ for me. Blessed, that’s how I felt and the blessings just keep flowing for and from those who call this home.
  • This region has been hurt badly, financially, in the last many years by the preposterous fear mongering of dangers to tourists and the crazed over blown reports of a flu, H1N1 that wreaked more havoc in other parts of the world than here. It’s a flu folks, a flu. The very real economic crisis has hit many who now can’t afford to travel here and of course that has affected business owners here in a very real way. YET, the town folk would give you the clothes off their back, maybe an exaggeration… maybe not.

3) We love music. Some sing, some play, some dance; everyone enjoys.There is every variety of music from traditional to rock and roll. Every day joy is brought to us, via music, somewhere in town!








Sometimes the music isn’t so joyous but hey…




I’m blessed daily by smiles and LOVE and warm hospitality!





Life is an echo, what you put out you get back. Chinese proverb.


On the topic of independence it is May 5th today, Cinco de Mayo, in Mexico, but actually we don’t much celebrate that here.


The Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) holiday in Mexico does not have the same significance as it has in the United States. In the U.S. it is a celebration of Mexican culture, and sometimes mistaken for Mexican Independence Day. In Mexico, it is a commemoration of a battle which took place in Puebla in 1862, in which Mexican troops were triumphant over the French army. Read more: http://gomexico.about.com/od/festivalsholidays/p/cinco_de_mayo.htm


Now that was a diversion! Supposed to be writing, well this is writing but the goal was to write about Santa Claus, I received that video and it inspired me… hope my message inspired you too!




Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be kind, be generous… be love!





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