Kate and Joe with Mummy (in Paris).


The title Mother used to be to much simpler to classify, a woman birthed a child, she was a mother.


The woman, who birthed me, my mom Lyn.



Then there were;


Mummy’s, as in the above photo, preserved/embalmed in Anciet Egypt.


Stepmothers, as in me and other’s like myself. A position I am honoured to hold and I love my kids, more than life. I’ve been told one cannot love a child as  much as one they birth. I don’t believe that and having not had that chance I can only speculate. THANK YOU, Kate and Joe for letting me love EACH of YOU beyond anything I could ever imagine.



My own Stepmother, Melmom, thanks for all you do and have been to me!



God mothers;

I’m blessed to be an official Godmother to two and unofficially, I’m told, to many!

My aweome and beautiful Goddaughter, Rachelle!


This is my Godson, Joe, who always brings me JOY!



No Picture of my mother-in-law, Lois, would be more apropos than showing her happy face working for the kids! Mama, you’re the BEST!


I’m a mother-in-law too, thanks for letting me mother YOU, Manaen. So proud to have you as my son-in-law!

Manaen, practicing, the day before becoming my son-in-law!


My grandmothers, miss them all;

Grandma Nielson, the epitome of a Grandma!



Nana and Granny


Grandma Osborne



Mothering happens today whether one gives birth or not. Is that fair to those who went through that challenging time of childbirth, not to mention carrying the child within them for 9 months?


It is what it is, thanks to all who mother; all kids need love, LOT AND LOTS OF LOVE!


Happy Mother’s Day to all who mother!


In this pic of my family, on the left, that’s me; stepmom to Kate and Joe. On the right, the mother who birthed my kids, Laureen, to whom I’ll be forever grateful!




Today, my hubby takes me on a special Mother’s day excursion, to an old silver mining town.





Inspire A MOM today!

Not feeling it?  Be kind, be generous… be love!




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