Yesterday I posted about the good people do… or something like that. Today, I read my God-daughters blog and can’t stop thinking about her. She just graduated from high school and flew imnediately to Bejing for a modelling contract. Today this is what she wrote, she’s wise beyond her years and I adore her.

Acceptance, changes, Lessons


My daughter has a blog, she delights me everytime, with her positive posts.

Thing’s I’m Loving


A young friend, Melodie, creates healthy cake options… awesome.

Sweet Tooth Gluten Free cakes


Our son’s girlfriend, Anna, creates art through her camera lens, outstanding.

Picture Bug


I don’t know this gal, a friend shared, her story makes me stop whining about my woes!

Alice’s bucket list


There’s many more, too, watch for them!


I’m inspired, are you?


Youth are amazing, they have much to say. Listen and learn.


Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be kind, be generous… be love!

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