Happy New Year! 


Did you set resolutions? Goals? Wanna do’s? Or do you simply want a do-over? There are certainly areas of my life where I want a do-over but mostly I want to do better.


I used to think I wanted the life of a cat. You know, sleep… roll over… sleep some more, eat, litter stuff, sleep. Then I took a sabbatical and realized I actually love doing. Both Chris and I are doers, likely always will be. So we bought an old house, too big for two and after contemplating what to do with it (I know most people would have known what their plans were before buying, lol) we decided to create an Inn. Talk about busy, woo! 

Ready or not here we come!

Saturday we move in to the INN as we’ve rented our condo for 3 1/2 weeks and then various weeks after that.

Are we ready?

Well,… yes and no! As of today there is not a working toilet OR shower OR sink for that matter. Ha-ha. I’m promised I’ll have one of each by the time we move in. We’re going to live on the main level, the guest floor is the second floor. Our level, our new home is nowhere near complete but heck the guest floor is close ~ there are 5 bedrooms there ~ so we’ve decided to experience each of them before moving to our floor. We’re calling it camping but it’s far from that, we’re excited.

We’ve moved from terrified of what we’re launching to being thrilled to serve, eagerly planning ways to make our inn a retreat for those who stay. Rather than a B&B it will be an R&R ~ Rest & Relax, is the mandate!

I just finished a book ‘Pour your heart into it’, stories and insights behind Starbucks’ success.

In the ethical vacuum of this era, people long to be inspired, Even if it’s just a movie, or a TV program, or a great cup of coffee, they want a break from the negative noise that inundates us all.

Howard Schultz 

Inspiration continues to be my goal for this blog so I’ve decided to create a secong blog called Inn & Around La Cruz specifically to share Inn details, local stories about the area, people and happenings. ¡Inspired! will be what I intended which is to share that which I hope will inspire others. 

Having said all that I’m also committed to embracing social media. Eek, did I just commit to that publicly?


I’m told I have to tweet and not sure if I will, but I committed to my blog mentor, Tracey Jackson that I would explore all that stuff by the end of Januray so anyone who has input, do share. Check out all that is Tracey at:



I have embraced pinterest, check!

Great artcle on social media and Pinterest.


Care to check out my pins? 



So, I’ll sign off now as I have to pack… pack… pack!


This week I’m inspired by those who do good work for others but I’ll write about that later. Have a great week.


Mother theresa, God Bless her.



Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!

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