I haven’t posted for a while. The other eve I wrote a long post with lots of pics and I lost it.

Creating an Inn, a Villa, a B&B ‘ish’, resort ‘ish’ ~ let’s call it a retreat ~ in another country has proved busy-making and as we get closer and closer to actually renting rooms we’re pleased and exhausted!



Chris explains our hotelito as ‘Fawlty Towers meets the Four Seasons’. Truly the perfect visual of what we’re creating. Over the last few weeks we’ve had several visitors.

~ Chris’ dad who loves us no matter and helped us accomplish ‘stuff’ between playing.

~ My college best buddy and her man who also were ‘good to go’ on whatever we had to offer.

~ My contractor and friend from Vancouver and his gal who were such a delight and epitomized ‘go with the flow’.

As we entertained our guests ‘the Inn’ most definitely was the Fawlty Towers version of our vision. Oh my, I won’t go into details but THANK YOU ALL for your patience and understanding.


Our new pool is closer to the Four Seasons version… lovin’ that.



Thought for today:



For a VERY special vacation… www.villaamordelmar.com


Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!

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