Last week I wrote of focusing on the happiness and I committed to do so for at least one month, jotting down at least one thing that made me happy that day. The result, so far, so much more than one thing made me happy each day! Life’s like that, right? 


I believe it was Napolean Hill in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ who said “What we focus on expands”. This concept has always resonated with me and do my best to live it, yet, even in my blessed life in Mexico ‘stuff’ can bring me down. So without further adieu, some of what had me smiling, cheering and applauding over the last 8 days was:

~ Seconds after my hubby remarked how much he liked my new dress he gasped “What’s that”? I carry a handwoven straw handbag around filled with my daily needs and apparently a black pen poked out and decorated a patch of my dress, literally looking like an EKG reading. This was not a little patch, it was about 5″ high x 12″ wide. I was sure the dress was destined for the trash heap. Since I had nothing to loose I decided to try my favorite stain remover, as described in a previous blog – view here. Say it isn’t so!  I didn’t have the ingredients. So, I googled getting rid of ink in fabric, voila. In my haste to rid that stain from my new dress I didn’t save the web addy to share – mea culpa but here’s what I did:

1. Place paper towel or other absorbent material under stain.

2. Pour rubbing alcohol over stain and blot with another paper towel. WOW, the ink certainly came out. I kept pouring and blotting until it was all gone. I then hand-washed the dress and hung to dry. The true test would be when it dried and – imagine angels singing – the stain was totally gone and the dress was unharmed. Happy!

~ Cluing in my son and his girlfriend get here in one month. As of today, 23 sleeps. Ecstatic, had me doing the dance of JOY!




~ Love my Spanish classes. Not a quick study in this arena but my teacher has a way of teaching that has me learning, albeit slowly… I will get it. Sigh


~ It brings me happiness when I get notes of appreciation from those who read my blog. Over the past few months I’ve been meaning to write about meeting a follower of my blog. Christine has sent me the most delightful missives of praise, shared my blog with others and sent me notes of inspiration. She’s from Montreal but I met her here in Mexico. Last week she sent a wonderful note about her nephew winning a Juno music award – WOW – Check out Jesse here scroll down to Instrumental Of the Year, Christines words – he is the bald one….great guy….well deserved win.

I was reminded how much I appreciated meeting her. I enjoyed her vivacious take on life and I truly am grateful to know she was following my blog and loving it. Christine and her wonderful hubby, Ed, invited us for dinner and drinks. Awesome. 


Christine and me, dancing on the patio, overlooking the Bay of Banderas.

Then we went sailing together one day, too.


Happy Ed!


~ Speaking of meeting Bloggers. I was blessed to meet a blogger I followed after hearing her speak at my mentors funeral – her best friend’s funeral. Then I met her one day. I drove from Vancouver to Seattle just to ‘hang’ with her as she promoted her new book. Why? I’m not sure, because she suggested it? That was one of those days when I questioned myself, thought I was crazy, hell was intimidated! Tracey is a card carrying member of the Screen writers guild and has had fantastic success in that world, hob-nobbing with stars/directors/etc and I’m going to drive around with her as she met with book sellers and then we’d have lunch. Oh my! Needless to say, she was wonderful! Normal, delightful and she has indeed become my ‘mentor’ in this blogging media. I love how she laughs at herself and allows for typos and misspellings to get the blog out.

OK, speaking of HAPPY, I was delighted to read Tracey’s blog last week telling of how she was intimidated to meet someone. I giggled out loud as I adore the way she expressed herself. Mostly, I was reminded that we’re all in this together! We may have different strengths, talents and tax brackets but, in general, most folks are kind and thoughtful people eager to share their stories and lives with others.

Read here, what Tracey said that had me giggling.


~ My hubby singing brings me so much JOY! For years Chris would tell me he wanted to sing. It wasn’t until we came to Mexico that he truly embraced this talent. This week, I heard him sing at a Jam, then at my favorite night of the week, Open Mic night at Britannia Bar. To my hubby I say:



~ Friends from home visiting is wonderful and there seems to be a steady stream, some stay with us, others rent their own places. Currently there is one family and one couple from our other hometown here and it is fantastic sharing life with them.


~ The Inn getting closer and closer to being completed definetly pleases me. Everyday is like Christmas as something else is checked off the to do list.


There is so much more I’m happy about today. Please share what is delighting you, making you smile or simply taking your mind from the mundane.



Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!



2 thoughts on “Happy~ness is…

  1. <html><head></head><body style="word-wrap: break-word; -webkit-nbsp-mode: space; -webkit-line-break: after-white-space; ">Consider it gone, my dear! I liked it but am a huge believer that if the person in the photo doesn’t… it’s gone! XXOO<div><br><div>Inspire someone today!</div><div><br></div><div><br><div><div></div></div></div></div></body></html>

  2. Loved the reading ……BUT the pic. of me alone Hmmmmmmm……….think we could find better..lOl……..Please no more close ups……………..Live Love Laugh

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