If you’re blessed to be near a mom in your world, consider making her pancakes. Remember when mom made pancakes shaped as hearts or Mickey mouse? Elephants are in, so hip these days. Make mom an elephant pancake ~ make sure the snout is up, that’s for good luck… or so they say!


I’ve had so many great mom’s in my life:

  • Starting with the one who gave me life, thanks Mom! Mom taught me to be positive and to believe in myself “To thine own self be true”… and so much more.
  • My Nana, who taught me all about being a lady… and so much more.
  • Grandma Nielson who made me feel special and smart and totally loved… and so much more.
  • Grandma Osborne through whom I learned about tolerance… and so much more.
  • My step-mom loved my dad and helped bring our family together – a super gift for all… and so much more!
  • I’m blessed with sisters and cousins, Aunties and friends who mother me and remind me that a mothers love isn’t defined by the birth of a child.
  • My kids mom, who shares her children so graciously with me, is a woman I honour and appreciate for allowing me the gift of two wonderful step children… and so much more.
  • My mother-in-law not only mothers me with love, kindness, lessons and gifts she has also taught me about seeing something through, something bigger than oneself, to completion and beyond. A personal connection to a child of the foster care system led Lois to search for a more nourishing environment for kids of the ‘system’ to be raised. She found it, or so she believed, and she gathered together friends to find a way to better support children in foster care. 25 years later, the organization is not only doing so much good… it’s being recognized, read about it here and here.


“Nothing in the world is more important than to care for a child.”

– Hermann Gmeiner, Founder, SOS Children’s Villages

Another Mamá who is making a difference in the lives of so many children is Veronica! She’s the house mom and so much more at Manos de Amor, the orphanage in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico. Read about the orphanage here.


My hubby met a man named Greg, he told him about his wife, Shev. She’s a mom and an artist and she’s doing good stuff. Her art is gorgeous. Read about her here and enjoy all that she is and all that she shares. This painting by Shev is called:


‘A mother’s love’



Making a difference, one painting at a time…

My mission is to use the God given gift of art, to firstly glorify God in and through my paintings, and secondly, this talent allows me to show God’s love, which enables me to bless the less fortunate by donating 100% profits of my art work to various mission fields around the world.


Mom’s making a difference, changing the world, spreading LOVE!

Happy Mother’s Day, today and always to all who mother!




Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. Be LOVE!


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