Thanks for all the input that you like my Monday Musing posts. I stalled for awhile;

  1. Because I’ve been so gosh darn busy and; 
  2. It just seemed to me that sharing others photos didn’t inspire enough.

Having said that and having heard from YOU, I thought I’d share from my heart. Or is it from my head when I’m obsessing?

In any event, as we put the finishing touches to the guest rooms, we’re commencing work on OUR level of the Inn ~ Our home. I’m thinking about everything from colour, to counters (which just when in), to fixtures and the floor… AND furnishing the joint. The latter is stressful as it involves many decisions and lottsa moola!

Although we haven’t bought a sofa yet, I’ve fallen in love with the simplest of coffee tables. My hubby should like it as it is affordable. We have a wrought iron ‘guy’ who can create the base and then a hunk of marble or granite or wood or glass on the top and we’re done! Well, it won’t be glass. Mexico = dusty and glass, Im told, creates a never ending cleaning project. It definitely must allow lazy feet up reading days so I’ll make sure to find something suitable for that. Also, as both Chris and I are voracious readers it will need a lower shelf with baskets for organizing.




























What’s inspiring you (are you obsessing about) these days?


Inspire someone today!

Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. Be LOVE!

2 thoughts on “Monday Musing… or is it obsessing?

  1. How very appropriate ….Ed. and I are seriously considering buying a condo… We moved into this house 4yrs. ago and have enjoyed every moment, but it is time for us to be free to travel more!! It will be a tough decision but no matter we will be happy whatever the outcome… I will send pics. of this house later in the week as I am busy with two dec. jobs.

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