It’s amazing… probably the wrong choice of word, but what word fits for this emotion?


~ delightful, not


~ spiritual, well sort of


~ reflective, most definitely


~ moving, not quite


~ heartwarming, that’s it.


It’s heartwarming to be reminded of how many friends and family I have in my world. My  ‘world’ is so far from so many I LOVE and yet every week someone seems to come visit. Whether they stay with us or stay at a hotel, when they take time from their much needed vacation to visit US I feel special. It’s great hearing WHO is up to WHAT. I truly love hearing it all from who’s planting what in their garden to who is graduating or being promoted or who got a new puppy. To me, it’s all important, it completes the story of the people in my life and I love it.




Others phone. Some skype, I love seeing their faces! Many invite… 


~ One group of friends still includes me on their ‘movie night’ invite. I only make one or two of those a year now and miss the banter about which movie to see ~ one hates anything smaltzy, some of us love all that is romance, some prefer drama ~ after viewing, we share our thoughts, the comments from each often make me giggle. There usually are three basic emotions. Some loved it.  Some hated it. Some thought it ok. The thing is we shared it together. These gals do this often, dinner first and then the movie. I wonder what they chose lately? Which one was Gabe disgusted with? Which one made Donna get misty. Was there one they all LOVED or one they wish they hadn’t wasted their money on? Chris and I watched The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus last night and man oh man I’d love to hear what they would say about that bizarre film.


~ We get many invites to parties, social events and fund raisers even though most know we can’t attend. I love that. Even though it makes me feel farther away than ever, I love being included and honoured that people care to share. Some of those occasions we actually attend, too! 


~ Weddings invites are grand! We’ve been invited to three weddings this summer, how special and exciting!


~ My mother-in-law sends me wonderful notes. Her writing style delightful; I can smell the food she enjoyed and see the flowers or babies or sunsets she shares via the written word.


~ Some share blogs and I love experiencing their world through word and photo.


~ Facebook is both an update from those at home and allows me to know what’s going on in my community acting as the unofficially bulletin board for those of us here to know what’s going on in our little town.


~ My new friends, in my new community are awesome! One good friend is from Richmond where we hail from and many others from a short drive away from where we lived in BC and we MET them all here! I even met the man whose family I bought my first house from (in Mill Bay) here… he’s a neighbour! We’ve met so many folks from all over the world, some retired, some visiting for only a week or two, some checking out the area considering it for retirement and some sailing through. Together we share much from dancing & singing to walks on the beach, sailing and swims in the pool to Spanish lessons and more. Some of our new friends we meet up with in Canada and the USA.


This morning I became nostalgic and appreciative about those who include me in theirs lives. Today, I say “THANK YOU”!





Inspire someone today!


Not feeling it? Be kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!


3 thoughts on “Appreciating the LOVE!

  1. Cindy – didn’t miss much last movie night. Six of nine showed up, I left after dinner because I had a cold and the last five went for dessert instead of a movie as their chosen movie actually started 40 minutes later than they thought! Maybe next time…..

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