My hubby had me chuckling when he read my last post and with tilted head, he looked into my eyes and stated, “Cocktail tables?”


Laughing out loud, I said “People tell me they like it when I show photos and Monday musings has been a hit. So, I’m collecting photos of items I like and intend to put in our new home and I’m sharing with those who read my blog. And, it appears you learned something about me?”


“You want me to buy you a cocktail table?” he asks.


Oh my!


Never before have I created an entirely new home ~ there’s much to contemplate! Last time we built the house from the foundation up, designing and building every item but the ‘heart’ of the ‘home’ was firmly established. 


In this new country we first lived in someone else’s home.


Next, we moved into our rental condo, which although lovely, was set up for vacationers so it didn’t have much of US in it.


This experience jolts my senses, what’s IT all about? IT being this HOME stuff. I’ve had many homes throughout the years, some I liked and some I didn’t. I reflect on those ~ what in each of them did I prefer? 


We built our ‘dream’ home and then changed our life completely… then sold it!


DREAM and HOME. Do they really belong together?


Now we’re ‘living the dream’ and are renovating a home. Our priorities are different. My last home needed much indoor comfort, this one focuses on the outdoors. The furniture of the last one was all about cozy, cuddly and warm. This time my focus is on how we can cuddle AND stay cool.


Last time I chose colours and finishes based on my art, my furniture and my collections. This time it all starts with the existing, lovely, floor.


Speaking of creating… it’s not only a new home I’m creating, as if that’s not enough! I’m creating a new life, which often feels like creating a new me.



I’ve been working at ‘Being in the now’. Not sure if I’m the only one but schucks, I have a really bad habit of thinking of tomorrow or yesterday or next year, etc. 


What’s that about? 





I try not to live with regret… but I do have some regrets.





I try not to live too much in the future yet I have goals and plans and I get excited when I think of seeing loved ones who I haven’t seen in a while.





Yesterday I had an awesome acupuncture and massage session and I was struck by;


  1. How many times I caught myself in the future instead of enjoying the present moment… the wonderful massage I was experiencing! I’d say to myself “NOW”. I’d come back to the present and be at peace until the next time I caught myself planning/thinking/designing.
  2. When I did get into the present moment I noticed my eyebrows all squinched up and tight. I’d consciously relax them, noticing how quickly that small effort created relaxation in my entire being.


Until the next time I caught myself in the future! Oh well, it’s a process.




So today, I’m working on living in the moment and this moment I’m going to pick up garbage with my Amigos de la Cruz pals. The rains are coming and we don’t want the junk to end up in the ocean! 



Happy Saturday!!



Inspire someone today!


Not feeling it? Be Kind. Be Generous. Be LOVE!


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