When I began this blog I intended to share things that inspired me and that hopefully, would inspire others. It’s interesting, to me, what inspires folks. By that I mean; learning that sharing photos of rooms and furniture I like is a hit, surprised me. This shouldn’t surprise me, I’m an interior designer and have made my living helping others transform their spaces and we all know a photo is worth a thousand words! 








My need to share inspirational stories leads me to share this remarkable blog from my friend Tracey. She shares about  a woman helping feed children, which leads to so much more in those children’s lives. Heartwarming to say the least! Read about it here


My mother-in-law and the team she created are doing good things, check it out here



This Monday my musings reveal my infatuation with barn doors. “Barn doors” you may question?  Indeed! Not the barn doors literally from a barn but how delightful would a truly refinished barn door be… I digress!  Barn doors are all about the hardware.


Currently, I’m working with a client that also loves barn doors and we’re creating one that will allow much needed ventilation into her Mexican bathroom. What I love is how they look so great, can be decorative in and of themselves or can display art or heck, they can be one big piece of art laminated to the structure. That art could include a mirror which would create the appearance of a larger corresponding space or it could be a bright colour or, or, OR! I’ll share more on that project after it’s done. Wish me luck that I ‘nail it’ giving her all she desires and more.



For now, enjoy the photos of barn doors created by others, obtained via Pinterest




This one’s Ozzie Osbourne’s house! Check it out here.


If you want to see many more barn doors, check out my Pinterest board here







Inspire someone today!


Not feeling it. Be kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!

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4 thoughts on “Monday Musing – Barn Door Infatuation

  1. I know you, Sandra and you’ll get your way, girl! I only installed one once in another clients and LOVED it!

  2. Oh Cindy! I'd love me one of those barn doors! There's only one door in our place that a barn door would work on….so I'm working on Mike! I already have an old door I could use…..hm….<br><br>Thanks for sharing!<br> xx<br>Sandra

  3. My very dear friend – your Monday musings always bring a smile to my face.  But this morning, as I head into two weekends of insufferably long bike rides (and, now, one with my co-rider having bailed) your first pin…

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