It would be easy to go on and on and on about Dads today. I’ve been blessed with many, from grand-dad’s, my dad, my father-law, and my daddy to my kiddies. There were role models in some of my friends dad and so on.


Today, I suggest, remember a dad or all of your dads. If moved to, call your dad/step-dad/dad-in-law, etc and remind him of a special memory. Paint a picture for him. My guess, that would be the best present you could ever give him.









My father-in-law, Gilles. I LOVE YOU, Papá!





My incredible husband, Dad to Kate and Joe!





Father and son.






I miss you Dad, I love you Dad…








I know Dad would want me to remember our times together like this!







“Not every successful man is a good father, but every good father is a successful man!” R. Duvall



Inspire a Dad today!

Not feeling it? Be kind. Be Generous. BE LOVE!


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